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INSTAGRAM:   @lildocwatson

FACEBOOK:   @d.watson.7

I’m D. Michael Watson, artist and owner of Abaddon Studios. I was born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania.    Fueled with my love of the underground arts of comic books and punk rock, I knew at an early age that wanted to pursue some sort of creative counter-culture career.
  My professional life began in 1999, when after years of college and working a job that I wasn’t passionate about, I spoke the wisest and most holy words ever spoken by man—“fuck it”. I packed my stuff, drove cross country, slept on couches and started my apprenticeship in tattooing.
  After a decade of tattooing, with great respect and dedication to my craft, I opened Abaddon Studios in my home town in 2010.
  My style ranges from bold, illustrative traditional to realistic black and grey, and everything in between.
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